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Aquaguard presents Absolute RO + UV, an all inclusive water purifier, which dispatches water at hot, cold and surrounding temperatures. This has a capacity tank of 16.6 liters that makes it perfect for workplaces and would help keep your representatives sound. Its stockpiling tank makes it perfect for territories that see power interferences. Its Biocote innovation secures the outside of the purifier against any conceivable microbial development.

Measurements MM (WXDXH) 

1140 x 340 x 380 mm 


32.20 kg 


11 liter (encompassing), 1.6 liter (hot), 4 liter (cold)
Three stages to safe water 

Aquaguard Hot and Cold (RO+UV) Water Purifier has 3 center advances which imply that what you escape your machine is obviously superior to what goes in. 

RO Purification 

Turn around Osmosis is a layer based filtration innovation which helps in diminishing the TDS of the water. This stage additionally expels fluoride and other water-borne tastes and smells. It decontaminates the water and furthermore helps in holding the normal taste of water. 

In-tank UV 

In-tank UV innovation evacuates waterborne life forms that may cause maladies. The Ultra Violet light inside the tank cleanses the water and crash unsafe infections and microscopic organisms, for example, E.Coli, Salmonella and Hepatitis to ensure a sheltered, clean beverage 


Biocote innovation secures the outside of the purifier against any conceivable microbial development. BioCote is an enemy of microbial that restrains the development of miniaturized scale living beings on the item. As another layer of safeguard, it keeps the administering zone liberated from microscopic organisms. 

Execution Worthy of Praise 

Turn around Osmosis evacuates all contaminants, including fluoride. UV innovation takes out infection and microscopic organisms. High water stockpiling limit with respect to a steady inventory of new water. Gravity-took care of capacity tank giving extra put away water, perfect for regions where there might be disturbances to the water supply Drip plate seepage for accommodation 


The Products are justified against assembling deserts for a time of twelve a year from the date of unique buy.
Trusted by 

50 lakh families and over 1.62 lakh specialists 


Across in excess of 500 towns 


Free Standard Installation 

Confirmed by 

In excess of 135 national and global driving labs 

After deals administration 

Solely gifted and prepared workforce giving after deals benefits on client's premises on request premise. 

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Indian Medical Academy for Preventive Health

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