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Aquaguard UTC UV Water Purifier


Intelligent, compact and hygienic design, Easy-to-read led indicators, Mineral Guard + Active Copper technology, Suited for municipal water up to 200 ppm, Smart auto-fill option, Long cartridge life of 1 year or 6000 litre.

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Best UTC water purifier in India. Aquaguard UTC UV has been structured remembering the feel of your sleek kitchen stylistic layout. This creative water purifier fits under your kitchen counter and accompanies a different fixture. It gives you simple access to sound drinking water, and even permits you to wash foods grown from the ground with clean water.

Measurements MM (WXDXH) 

195 x 285 x 275 


10.00 kg 


8 L
Wise, minimal and clean plan (cartridges securely and minimalistically put away to remain contaminant free) 

Simple to-peruse drove markers (item wellbeing and status signs ongoing) 

Mineral Guard + Active Copper innovation (appropriate for city water – up to 200 ppm) 

Shrewd Auto-Fill – Smart innovation auto tops off capacity tank each time water is taken out 

Long Cartridge Life of 1 year or 6000 liter (subject to enter water quality and conditions) 

Electronic confirmation guarantees solid water or no water 


The Products are justified against assembling abandons for a time of twelve a year from the date of unique buy.
Trusted by 

50 lakh families and over 1.62 lakh specialists 


Across in excess of 500 towns 


Free Standard Installation 

Ensured by 

In excess of 135 national and global driving labs 

After deals administration 

Solely gifted and prepared workforce giving after deals benefits on client's premises on request premise. 

Supported By 

Indian Medical Academy for Preventive Health

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