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Aquasoft 1000 Water Conditioner


Dissolve all your hair & skin problems arising from hard water usage with Eureka Forbes Aquasoft 1000. Ideal water conditioner for homes. Buy online today!

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The Aquasoft 1000 Water Conditioner is a family unit water conditioner, fueled by a propelled particle trade innovation. Minimal in size and amazing in execution, the conditioner fits right where the water is provided to your home, in this manner transforming the hard water into delicate water. 

For hardness upto 856 mg/l 

Wise Inside 

LCD show board 

Mechanized recovery 

Auto Setting Lock 

Minimized Design

Measurements MM (WXDXH) 

550 x 300 x 340 


15.00 kg 


Greatest Hardness - 856 mg/l 


Pitch Volume - 09 liters
Astute Inside 

In light of the utilization, the water conditioner naturally chooses its capacity, making it progressively conservative. Simply set it and overlook it 

Completely Automated Regeneration 

When set, the water molding media will recover itself naturally 

LCD Display Panel 

The Aquasoft water conditioner has a simple to peruse LCD show board for subtleties of ebb and flow settings 

Minimal Design 

The minimal plan of Aquasoft water conditioner permits it to be set up in your home, without consuming valuable space 

Auto Setting Lock 

In the event that electric capacity to conditioner's control is lost, inner memory will keep up past setting 


The Products are justified against assembling deserts for a time of twelve a year from the date of unique buy.

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