Aquasoft Water Softener

Aquasoft water conditioners are best in class water softener regeneration salt. The Aquasoft water conditioner comes with fully automated, Intelligent Inside function that makes hard water soft (For hardness up to 1626 mg/l).

Get rid of dull clothes, stained floors, and sticky hair. Make hard water soft with Aquasoft. Water softener which reduces water hardness. Saving our hair, skin from greying and early ageing signs, protection for geysers washing machine and expensive bathroom fittings.


  • Helps shampoo lather better for soft and untangled hair
  • Reduces residue and keeps vessels bright and shiny
  • Helps clothes remain bright and colourful
  • Makes skin look soft and clean
  • Reduces scaling and increases product life
  • Reduces tile staining and keeps bathroom floors cleaner and brighter
  • Keeps your expensive fitments looking new by preventing build-up of salt layers
  • Lower appliance maintenance

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