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Dr Aeroguard SCPR 200 Air Purifier


Dr. Aeroguard SCPR 200 Air Purifier – a portable bedroom air purifier covers 19 sq. ft area. Advanced HEPA filter to remove airborne particles of 0.3 microns with an efficiency rate of 99.9%. Low power consumption 16W and Compact design.

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The minimized European plan of SCPR 200 makes it very simple to utilize and keep up. Most appropriate for a room region the air purifier incorporates Vita-Ion which to make the air 99.9% unadulterated and sound. The programmable control board and rest mode improve the userexperience with simple activities. 

Vita Ion gives you double advantages of silver particles and Diatoms with a 99.9% effectiveness rate 

Against allergen channel that traps 5-10 microns and hostile to tidy channel that forestalls 10-100 miniaturized scale particles 

Progressed HEPA channel to expel airborne particles of 0.3 microns with a proficiency pace of 99.9% 

Minor balls molded Diatom fillers that cleans the air from destructive synthetics 

Restorative channel that fills the air with nutrient C, giving you double advantages of sound and unadulterated air

Measurements MM (WXDXH) 

180 x 180 x 500 


3.20 kg 

Inclusion AREAS 

Activeshield 2X Technology 

The sanitization procedure wipes out sub-micron respirable particles and contamination conveying microorganisms noticeable all around. This licensed innovation guarantees that your purifier has the most elevated effect in ensuring the wellbeing of you and your family. 

Hostile to Dust Filter 

The extraordinary enemy of residue channel made of nylon material, goes about as an electrostatic precipitator that channels out 10-100 micron particles, for example, residue, earth and pet dander. It hence guarantees that the air you inhale has no positive particles, leaving you have confidence of living in a no debasements zone. 

Dynamic HEPA Filter 

Planned with a huge nano scale innovation, the Active HEPA channel expels airborne contaminations down to 0.3 microns in size . The one of a kind nano-fiber structure can dispose of ultra-fine particles like microbes, dust, and form with a more prominent proficiency of 99.9%. 

Aeration Filter 

The dynamic carbon channel not simply evacuates destructive gases, for example, VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) yet in addition guarantees that your living space is liberated from foul smell. 

Against microbial Formula 

The air channel is covered with carbon and silver nano particles to upset the development of microscopic organisms, to assist you with avoiding contamination, awful smell, irritation and wounds. 

Diatom Fillers 

Known for creating upto 45% of Earths™ required oxygen, the purifier is empowered with Diatom fillers looking like small balls that cleans the air to be liberated from formaldehyde, VOCs™, and unsafe synthetic concoctions in a matter of moments. 

Helpful Filter 

The Therapeutic channel is tremendously known for letting you take in unadulterated air, yet additionally for its advantages of filling the air with nutrient C, along these lines decreasing pressure and helping unwinding. By discharging the cancer prevention agent nutrient C, the free dynamic radicals noticeable all around are stifled which brings about powerful freshening up. 

Cold Catalyst Filter 

The channel successfully sift through unstable parts noticeable all around with a productivity pace of over 90%, while it likewise executes microorganisms. The impetus segment has longer toughness, which empowers you to utilize it for an all-encompassing period without recovery. 


Vita-Ions are the negative particles which cleans the air with more prominent productivity of 99.9%, utilizing an ideal mix of Silver Ions that controls the development of microscopic organisms and Diatoms that murder microorganisms. It additionally gives you the advantages of breathing in air that has substance of nutrient C in it. 

Murmur Quiet Operation 

The most instinctive and cutting edge innovation empowers you to get sound lay down with no clamor impediments, as the implicit rest mode works productively for 8 hours once enacted. 

Clock Function 

The purifier is worked with a customization highlight that lets you set clocks for its working. You can work the gadget for a set number of hours (1/3/5/8) and in this way save money on influence utilization. 

Rest Mode 

The most instinctive innovation empowers you to get sound lay down with no commotion impediments, as the inherent rest mode works productively for 8 hours once initiated. 

Free Air Ducts 

The 4 free air conduits make SCPR 200 the most proficient refinement framework. Be it a little space or a huge room, the air conduits will appropriate clean air to the most distant corners of the necessary zone. 

Confirmed Best In Class 

The select air purifier holds a GUI affirmation and is globally endorsed for quality and top tier results. 


The products are justified against deserts emerging from broken structures, workmanship and materials for a year from the date of Installation.

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