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Dr Aeroguard SCPR 300 Air Purifier


One touch space saving air purifier from Eureka Forbes letting you sleep peacefully without any worry. It covers 23 sq. mt. area and a timer that can be set from 1-12 hours. Patented Activeshield 2x Filtration and Anti-Dust Filter.

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Dr.Aeroguard SCPR 300 with one touch space sparing plan can be set advantageously according to your utilization. SCPR 300 likewise accompanies a clock that can be set from 1-12 hours, letting you rest calmly with no concern. 

Minimal structure permits the SCPR 300 to be put any place you require with no problems. 

With an air quality pointer that screens surrounding air, the SCPR 300 guarantees you and your family is breathing unadulterated and sound air consistently. 

One touch control makes the air purifier effective and stylishly engaging too. 

The 9-organize filtration guarantees your indoor air is liberated from enormous particles, microorganisms, VOCs, smell, pet dander, and so on. 

Vita-particles discharge silver particles, nutrients, diatoms and negative particles to ensure the air you're breathing is reviving

Measurements MM (WXDXH) 

62.8 x 18.5 x 21.5 (in cm) 


4.00 kg 

Inclusion AREAS 

Air Quality Indicator 

Watches out for the nature of the encompassing air with the goal that you stay secured consistently 

Programmable Panel 

One touch controls presently directly readily available 

Conservative European Design 

Space sparing Design makes it versatile and helpful to be set in a perfect world according to utilize 

Murmur Quiet Operation 

Unadulterated Healthy Air currently conveyed without the sound meddling with your solace 

Time Mangagement 

Gives adaptability program your air purifier according to your timetable and comfort 

Rest Mode 

The lights in your air purifier are intended to rest similarly as you do 


The products are justified against deserts emerging from flawed structures, workmanship and materials for a year from the date of Installation.

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