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Dr Aquaguard Booster Water Purifier


Dr.Aquaguard Booster UV provides access to clean drinking water which is a basic necessity. It enhances the taste of the water by removing volatile organic impurities from it.

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Dr. Aquaguard Booster with its flexible highlights can work easily in territories where there is very low water pressure, which currently implies that even homes with low or no running water can have the most flawless type of drinking water inside no time. 

Biotron cartridge that breaks complex water atoms into fine bunches to give you the advantages of unadulterated water in a faster range of time 

IPS that functions as a keen sensor to stop the water stream quickly, if the degree of cleansing can't 

Auto shut off that turns off the UV light when it can't use for 10 minutes, improving its life and thus saving money on influence utilization 

E-heating up that makes your water as protected and unadulterated as the water bubbled for 20 minutes 

Promoter siphon supports water at a high strain to the cartridge, in territories where the water pressure is very low

Measurements MM (WXDXH) 

307 x 102.5 x 391 


4.70 kg 

Establishment TYPE 

Divider Mounting 


No Storage
One of a kind e-Boiling 

Development can't seen to the eye, similar to the remarkable UV innovation that inside does some amazing things in making your water as sheltered and unadulterated as the water bubbled for more than 20 minutes. The e-bubbling procedure eliminates microscopic organisms and infections, guaranteeing you get sheltered drinking water. 

Canny Purity Sensor (IPS) 

This electronic eye screens the refinement procedure and stops the progression of water quickly, if the degree of filtration can't. The vivacious checking process subsequently guarantees that you either get the most flawless type of water or no water by any means. 

Biotron Cartridge 

The Biotron cartridge breaks complex water particles into fine small scale bunches by opening fundamental supplements. The fine water particles have characteristics that can be immediately consumed by the body which empowers you to remain hydrated by advancing quicker detoxification and blood flow. The protected innovation additionally lets you get the advantages of unadulterated water in a snappier time length of 15 minutes, while typical water takes 7-8 hours to show benefits post admission. 

Promoter Pump 

The purifier is furnished with an incredible sponsor siphon to work immaculately even in territories where there is very low water pressure or no water pressure by any means. 

Auto Shut Off 

The profoundly safe purifier is presently worked with a stunning element of naturally turning off the UV light when the purifier can't use for more than 10 minutes. This not just upgrades the life of the UV light, yet in addition encourages you spare impressively on power utilization. 


The Products are justified against assembling deserts for a time of twelve a year from the date of unique buy.
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50 lakh families and over 1.62 lakh specialists 


Across in excess of 500 towns 


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In excess of 135 national and worldwide driving research facilities 

After deals administration 

Only gifted and prepared workforce giving after deals benefits on client's premises on request premise. 

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