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Dr Aquaguard Fusion Ambient n Cold Water Purifier


Dr. Aquaguard Fusion Ambient n Cold, the universal water purifier comes with Cold ā€˜Nā€™ Ambient Water on demand. Best in class HD RO+ UV MTDS purification system, Ideal for homes and ensures every drop of water is as pure and safe.

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On the off chance that you appreciate cool invigorating beverages, Dr.AquaguardTM Fusion is here to convey. This purifier accompanies a coordinated cooling framework, and legitimately administers cold water. No more jugs in the fridge as you can get moment cold water at the flick of a tap. Alongside chilly water, it additionally has the arrangement to apportion water at surrounding temperature. Perfect for your kitchen rack it likewise remembers you from the stresses of recontamination. Dr.AquaguardTM Fusion works for different water condition (1-2000 mg/liter). 

Cold n Ambient water on Demand 

Perfect for Homes 

All inclusive Water Purifier 


Furnished with most cutting edge innovations Nutritron+TM, BiotronTM and Mineral GuardTM

Measurements MM (WXDXH) 

330 x 440 x 490 


19.80 kg 

Establishment TYPE 

Table Top 


3.1 Liters (Cold tank - 1.5 liters and Ambient tank - 1.6 liters)
Cold 'N' Ambient Water on Demand 

Administers surrounding and cold water according to your necessities. 

Perfect for Homes 

This is the perfect water purifier for homes where everybody has various tastes, enjoying and necessities as far as water temperature. It likewise takes out the issue of topping off containers and putting away them in the cooler. 

General Water Purifier 

Top tier HD RO+ UV cleaning framework that works across different water conditions. 


Guarantees the purifier works with different wellsprings of water and TDS up to 2000. mg/lts. 

E Boiling 

Guarantees each drop of water is as unadulterated and sheltered as water that has been bubbled for more than 20 minutes. 


The new space-age top quality RO layer of Dr.AquaguardTM Fusion is intended for better execution than guarantee high water recuperation and maintenance of common minerals. Interesting RO innovation layer expels overabundance TDS, squares broke up polluting influences and substance contaminants, while holding basic minerals in drinking water. 

HCCB Cartridge 

This ingests shading, smell, natural polluting influences, abundance chlorine, pesticides, new age contaminants and unstable natural mixes from water. Its extraordinary innovation forestalls microbial development and expels chlorination by items. 

Mineral GuardTM 

The innovation holds fundamental minerals like calcium and magnesium normally present in water, which common water purifiers drain, giving you solid water. 

Nutritron+TM cartridge 

It sustains the drinking water with basic minerals like calcium and magnesium and Micro-supplements like copper and Zinc and equalizations the pH level to guarantee you get your day by day portion of wellbeing. 


The Products are justified against assembling absconds for a time of twelve a year from the date of unique buy.
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50 lakh families and over 1.62 lakh specialists 


Across in excess of 500 towns 


Free Standard Installation 

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In excess of 135 national and worldwide driving research facilities 

After deals administration 

Only talented and prepared workforce giving after deals benefits on client's premises on request premise. 

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Indian Medical Academy for Preventive Health

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