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Dr Aquaguard Geneus Water Purifier


Aquaguard Geneus Plus is powerful water purifier in India equipped with RO + UV +UF Purification Technology. Auto Mineral Modulator. Dr Aquaguard Geneus Plus RO+UV+UF+TG with Active Copper Water Purifier,

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Dr.AquaguardTM Geneus+ accompanies a novel auto Mineral Modulator incorporated with it, that empowers the client to set the flavor of water as indicated by inclination, while keeping up a sound equalization of Natural Minerals. 

Created with high tender loving care and more prominent strength, it is intended for prevalent execution. Works for different water conditions (1-2000 mg/liter). 

Instinctive LED show 

Auto Mineral Modulator 

G-tech detects the water source and naturally picks the cleansing innovation 

AEWACS framework 

Save Mode 

Furnished with most progressive Innovative Technologies Active Copper MaxxTM, BiotronTM and Mineral GuardTM

Measurements MM (WXDXH) 

367 x 314 x 567 


11.80 kg 

Establishment TYPE 

Divider Mount/Table Top 


6 Liters
Natural LCD Display 

The LCD show goes about as a keen marker and helps you in problem free activities. The water level marker empowers you to check the water amount in the tank, while the administration and issue pointer tells you when there are issues that need your consideration. You can rapidly enact the save mode to broaden the life of your purifier and furthermore set wanted mineral levels on the LED board, all readily available. 

Auto Mineral Modulator 

An innovation one of a kind to Dr.AquaguardTM Geneus+, this permits you to set the flavor of water, while keeping up a solid parity of regular minerals. 

Water Level Sensor 

The water level sensor demonstrates the degree of refined water in your capacity tank to guarantee you have promptly accessible water consistently. 

All inclusive Water Purifier 

Top tier HD RO+ UV decontamination framework that works across different water conditions. 

E Boiling 

Guarantees that each drop of water is as unadulterated and protected as water that has been bubbled for more than 20 minutes. 


The new space-age top quality RO layer of Dr.AquaguardTM Geneus is intended for better execution than guarantee high water recuperation and maintenance of characteristic minerals. One of a kind RO innovation layer expels overabundance TDS, squares broke up polluting influences and concoction contaminants, while holding basic minerals in the water. 

Mineral GuardTM 

The innovation holds fundamental minerals like calcium and magnesium normally present in water, which customary water purifiers drain, giving you sound water. 

Dynamic Copper MaxxTM Cartridge 

Dynamic Copper Maxx ™ Infuses copper particles into the water. The Maxx impact discharges copper as well as perfect measure of calcium, magnesium and zinc* 

IS 10500:2012 Drinking Water Specification (Acceptable Limit) 

G Tech 

The innovation can naturally detect the nature of water source and in like manner pick the ideal decontamination innovation (RO+UV/UV+UF). With the capacity to sift through the most destructive substance in water, it is customized with interesting abilities to give you predictable water quality, regardless of where it is sourced from. 


The propelled mind of Geneus+ is intended to give you an admonition when the sanitization framework requires upkeep or the cartridges should be supplanted. 

Save Mode 

Presently you have the ability to expand the administration life of the sanitization cartridges of you water purifier by an extra 20 working hours, with simply the press of a switch. 


The Products are justified against assembling absconds for a time of twelve a year from the date of unique buy.
Trusted by 

50 lakh families and over 1.62 lakh specialists 


Across in excess of 500 towns 


Free Standard Installation 

Guaranteed by 

In excess of 135 national and universal driving labs 

After deals administration 

Only talented and prepared workforce giving after deals benefits on client's premises on request premise. 

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Indian Medical Academy for Preventive Health

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