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Dr Aquaguard Magna UV Water Purifier


If your need is to switch to drinking water that is healthy, safe, and readily available then opting for Eureka Forbes Dr. Aquaguard Magna UV water purifier would be the right choice to make.

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On the off chance that your need is to change to drinking water that is sound, safe and promptly accessible at that point picking Magna UV would be the correct decision to make. Worked with a 7 lts stockpiling limit it lets you store huge water, not letting you stress somewhat over topping off jugs for utilization. 

Mineral cartridge that expels destructive VOCs and includes calcium and magnesium minerals into the water 

Biotron cartridge that breaks complex water atoms into fine bunches to give you the advantages of unadulterated water in a snappier range of time 

One of a kind e-bubbling to guarantee that the water is as unadulterated and sheltered as the water bubbled for more than 20 minutes 

Smart Alert Interface that cautions you when the cartridge should be supplanted

Measurements MM (WXDXH) 

316 x 251 x 462 


4.50 kg 

Establishment TYPE 

Divider Mount/Table Top 


7 Liters
Dynamic Copper MaxxTM Cartridge 

Dynamic Copper Maxx ™ Infuses copper particles into the water. The Maxx impact discharges copper as well as perfect measure of calcium, magnesium and zinc* 

IS 10500:2012 Drinking Water Specification (Acceptable Limit) 

Mineral Cartridge 

The mineral cartridge expels unsafe gases like VOCs from your water. The calcium and magnesium minerals that are included the procedure of decontamination advance better wellbeing. 

Biotron Cartridge 

The Biotron cartridge breaks complex water particles into fine small scale groups by opening fundamental supplements. The fine water atoms have characteristics that can be immediately consumed by the body which empowers you to remain hydrated by probody which empowers you to remain hydrated by advancing quicker detoxification and blood flow. The protected innovation additionally lets you get the advantages of unadulterated water in a speedier time range of 15 minutes, while typical water takes 7-8 hours to show benefits post consumption. 

Savvy e-Boiling 

UV innovation works effectively in making your water as sheltered and unadulterated as the water bubbled for more than 20 minutes. The e-bubbling system eliminates microorganisms and infections, guaranteeing you get protected drinking water. s, guaranteeing you get sheltered drinking water. 

Astute Alert Interface 

An element that goes about as a notice framework that advises you when the cartridges should be supplanted, in this manner letting you use the cartridge without limit. 


The Products are justified against assembling surrenders for a time of twelve a year from the date of unique buy.
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