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Euroclean Eco Clean


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Eco Clean is a one-stop answer for all your cleaning needs.It totally rubs-down showers, taps, wash bowls, tiles, mirrors, lofts, evading, and so on in the restroom. In the kitchen, it expels terrible, intense stains on the fireplace, cupboards, sinks, apparatuses, and sparkling surfaces with clean. Euroclean ECO CLEAN purifies surfaces with steam. Steam cleaning is successful enough to sanitize a surface since water is warmed to a high temperature. Since synthetic arrangements are not utilized during steam cleaning, the procedure is regularly alluded to as eco-accommodating. Steam fume is even known to execute dust vermin that live in upholstery, bedding and floor covering.



Measurements MM (WXDXH) 

31 x 12.5 x 23.2 


1.45 kg
Compound Free Cleaning: The intensity of steam, profound cleans difficult earth and residue with 100% productivity 

Gives in excess of 10 cleaning capacities 

Moment steam age creates steam in under a moment 

Lets you top off tank without killing the machine 

Dispenses with microscopic organisms and infections totally 


The products are justified against absconds emerging from defective structures, workmanship and materials for a year from the date of Installation

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