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Euroclean Health Pro Vacuum Cleaner


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For homes that are presented to hypersensitivity causing dust bugs, the Euroclean Health genius is the best decision to make. The main vacuum cleaner that consolidates the intensity of suction and disinfection, Health Pro can clean and purify the bed, couch and other upholstery easily. 

4 phase cleaning procedure to guarantee flawless cleaning and sound encompassing 

UV C germicidal recipe to expel pathogens, microscopic organisms and infections during the time spent cleaning 

Simple removal of residue and soil with a tick of a catch 

Amazing suction to guarantee no buildups are forgotten about in your living space 

Smaller and light weight, encouraging simple stockpiling and advantageous cleaning



Measurements MM (WXDXH) 

310 x 200 x 205 


3.00 kg 



Floor cum cover brush, Corner cleaner, Extension tubes 3, Shoulder tie 


0.5 Liter
4 Stage Cleaning Process 

First vacuum cleaner that is outfitted with a 4 phase cleaning process that incorporates cutting, ground-breaking suction, cleansing and the last phase of cleaning through HEPA filtration that refines upto 99.77% of entering air borne particles. 

Ground-breaking Suction 

Euroclean Health Pro is fueled with 600 W of suction that evacuates the profound implanted residue and earth from any sort of delicate surfaces and upholstery. 

Joined Hose Pipe 

The remarkable element of Euroclean Health Pro is that it accompanies a pre-fixed hose pipe, which liberates you from the assignment of interfacing an augmentation, subsequently making cleaning simple and advantageous. 

Intensity of UV C Germicidal 

The UV C germicidal evacuates the hints everything being equal, microscopic organisms, infections and microorganisms, shielding your friends and family from feared respiratory disarranges. 

Hand Held and Light in Weight 

Euroclean Health Pro can be handheld effortlessly as it is light weight. It likewise comes choices that let you tie it nearby your shoulder, making the entire cleaning process progressively productive and helpful. 

Conservative Size 

The incredibly minimal vacuum cleaner encourages simple stockpiling and furthermore makes it helpful to be utilized adequately in the cleaning procedure. 

Simple Disposal 

Euroclean Health Pro is empowered with a residue sack that can be cleaned productively with only a press of a catch. 


The merchandise are justified against absconds emerging from flawed structures, workmanship and materials for a year from the date of Installation

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