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Euroclean Xforce Vacuum cleaner


Euroclean Xforce Vacuum Cleaner has redefined home cleaning with its international styling and design. It has a 1,400W powerful suction and dust bag with a capacity of 3 litres. Its twin parking position is another highlight of this model.

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The victor of cleaning, Euroclean Xforce is structured with the top tier highlights to keep your home spotless and solid. This vacuum cleaner is outfitted with the most number of cleaning applications to give you a sound and safe living space. 

Driven presentation that demonstrates when the residue sack is full and should be exhausted for additional utilization 

Ground-breaking 1400W suction and blower that lets you clean the hardest residue and soil 

Double stopping alternatives for advantageous capacity



Measurements MM (WXDXH) 

450 x 260 x270 


5.10 kg 



Embellishment MODULES 

Floor brush, Carpet brush, Corner cleaner, All surface cleaner, Hose pipe, Precession cleaner, Computer cleaner, Aromiser, Car wash connector, Flexi cleaner, Grill cleaner, Extension tubes 2, Spray container 


3 Liters
1400 Watts of Powerful Suction 

Most appropriate for profound cleaning, this vacuum cleaner shows extraordinary Efficiency with an incredible suction of 1400 W. The most excellent suction along these lines is guaranteed to leave your insides perfect! 

Twin Parking Position International Styling and Design 

The twin stopping position of the vacuum cleaner encourages simple stockpiling, while its global style and configuration splendidly supplements your cutting edge way of life. 

Residue sack full pointer 

The brilliant pointer cautions you when the residue sack gets full, with the goal that you don't need to physically open the unit to mind the earth collection level. It encourages you clean the unit on schedule, along these lines confining the drop in suction power. 


The merchandise are justified against surrenders emerging from defective structures, workmanship and materials for a year from the date of Installation

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