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HEPA Air Purifier Aeroguard SCPR 700


Best HEPA air purifier for home bedroom, living room and office. Eureka Forbes Dr. Aeroguard SCPR 700 is an auto-sleep air purifier that comes with 5 stage filtrations. Compact air purifier with HEPA filter

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The exquisitely planned SCPR 700 is perfect for lounges and rooms of 37.16 sq. mt to 65.03 sq. mt territory. Alongside low force utilization, the purifier is likewise worked with murmur calm activity and a 9 phase filtration process, making it exceptionally effective and affordable to possess. 

Progressed HEPA channel to evacuate airborne particles of 0.3 microns with a productivity pace of 99.9% 

Protected Active Shield 2X innovation that wipes out disease conveying organisms 

Hostile to allergen channel that traps 5-10 microns and against dust channel that forestalls 10-100 miniaturized scale particles 

Profoundly sturdy cold impetus channel that slaughters microorganisms with an effectiveness pace of 90% 

Hostile to microbial recipe covered on the channel impedes microscopic organisms development and forestalls disease, awful scent and wounds

Measurements MM (WXDXH) 

230 x 280 x 710 


8.00 kg 

Inclusion AREAS 

5 Stage Air Flow 

The effective 5 phase wind stream process examinations the air quality and naturally changes itself to dispose of debasements dependent on the room size and level of contamination. For allergens and gases that are not extreme, the purifier sets itself to a moderate wind current speed, while the speed is most extreme for microscopic organisms and infections that are serious. 

Dynamic HEPA Filter 

Structured with a noteworthy nano scale innovation, the Active HEPA channel evacuates airborne contaminations down to 0.3 microns in size with a more prominent proficiency of 99.9%. The channel being the most capable segment with its nano-fiber structure can kill ultra-fine particles like microorganisms, dust, and shape, which is impossible by other air purifiers. 

ActiveShield 2X Filtration System 

The ultra-exactness sanitization procedure of Dr. Aeroguard has twofold the proficiency of purifiers in its group to take out sub-micron respirable particles and disease conveying microorganisms noticeable all around. This licensed innovation guarantees that your purifier has the most elevated effect in ensuring the soundness of you and your family. 

Air Quality Indicator 

The shrewd marker encourages you check the nature of encompassing air, with LED show as green, yellow or red. The shading red shows that the air at the given spot is totally tainted, yellow implies that the air quality is moderate, while green implies that you have the most perfect type of air. 

Against Allergen Filter 

The Anti-Allergen channel traps airborne particles of 5-10 microns of residue, parasitic spores and dust which can cause and trigger unfavorably susceptible responses. The channel with its great retentive characteristics guarantees that the air you inhale has no positive particles, which thusly mitigate respiratory distresses by taking out aggravations noticeable all around. 

Hostile to Dust Filter 

The special enemy of residue channel made of nylon material, goes about as an electrostatic precipitator that channels out 10-100 micron particles, for example, residue, earth and pet dander. It in this manner guarantees that the air you inhale has no positive particles, leaving you have confidence of living in a no pollutions zone. 

Against microbial Formula 

The propelled compound channel thwart the development of microscopic organisms, to assist you with avoiding contamination, terrible scent, irritation and wounds. 

Ensured Best In Class 

The restrictive air purifier holds a GUI affirmation and is universally endorsed for quality and the top tier results. 

Cold Catalyst Filter 

The channel viably sift through unstable segments noticeable all around with a productivity pace of over 90%, while it likewise executes microorganisms. The impetus part has longer solidness, which empowers you to utilize it for an all-inclusive period without recovery. 

Freshening up Filter 

The ability of the Deodorization Filter is upgraded altogether with a functioning carbon channel that productively expels hurtful gases, for example, VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and foul smell. 

Diatom Fillers 

Prevalently known for creating upto 45% of Earths™ required oxygen, the purifier is empowered with Diatom fillers looking like modest balls that perfect the air to be liberated from formaldehyde, VOCs™, and hurtful synthetic substances in a matter of moments. 

Condition Conscious 

Remarkable force sparing plan with ideal double suction and wind current holds your power charges under control. 

Smart Technology 

The effective wind stream process investigations the air quality and consequently modifies itself to take out debasements dependent on the room size and level of contamination. 

Programmable Touch Panel 

The easy to use control choices empower you to deal with the settings and inclinations effectively readily available. 

Rest Mode 

The most instinctive innovation empowers you to get sound lay down with no clamor blocks, as the inherent rest mode works proficiently for 8 hours once enacted. 

Clock Function 

The purifier is worked with a customization highlight that lets you set clocks for its working. You can work the gadget for a set number of hours (1/3/5/8) and along these lines save money on influence utilization. 


Vita-particle are the negative particles which cleanses the air with more prominent effectiveness of 99.9%, utilizing an ideal mix of Silver Ions that controls the development of microscopic organisms and Diatoms that execute microorganisms. It additionally gives you the advantages of breathing in air that has substance of nutrient C in it. 


The merchandise are justified against surrenders emerging from flawed plans, workmanship and materials for a year from the date of Installation

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